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Purest Collagen Chicken Broth

Purest Collagen Chicken Broth

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Our collagen chicken broth is made from bones and meat from pasture reared animals for the most nutritious broth available. 

We make the purest bone broth with no MSG, and no salt or pepper. This leaves you in charge of how much seasoning you want to put in to your recipes, and also removes any guesswork if you are needing to monitor your salt intake. The only ingredients are bones and vegetables. We roast the bones for colour and flavour, and gently simmer over 14 hours to extract the maximum collagen and nutrients from the bones and cartilages. 

Choose a one-off purchase to test the product or one of our regular delivery options. If you are on a regular diet using beef bone broth you can save money by buying a once-a-month delivery package, twice-a-month package, or every week depending on your regime. Purchase your choice for the month and we will deliver it to you as requested. We will even remind you the following month to renew your purchase. Start and stop at any time with no commitment. We deliver the product regularly to you so that you don't need lots of freezer space!

Each heat-proof vacuum bag contains 500ml of lip-smacking rich premium Collagen Chicken Broth.

Regular drop purchases contain seven packets of 500ml delivered frozen for your convenience. The more you buy the bigger the discount.

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